October Party – “From Survival to Supermen: Horror Games and Masculinity”

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This month’s party will feature the talk, “From Survival to Supermen: Horror Games and Masculinity,” by Matthew Weise!

What is the relationship between survival horror, agency, and masculinity? How have hyper-masculine power fantasies colonized survival horror, and how has that affected the politics of the genre?

Matthew Weise is a game designer and writer with deep roots in the Boston area game community. He was Game Design Director of the GAMBIT Game Lab at MIT for several years, and now works as a Narrative Designer at Harmonix Music Systems in Cambridge. Matt has given talks at various games conferences all over the world, including industry conferences like GDC and academic conferences like DiGRA. His writing has appeared in various publications and books, and his personal game writings can be found on his blog at http://outsideyourheaven.blogspot.com/.

If you missed last October’s Halloween horror game talk by Matt, do yourself a favor and catch this one. And if you *were* there, then you know what you’re in for, so register early before we hit the room’s capacity!