January Party – “How to Make a Twine Ga–OH HEY We Just Made a Twine Game!”

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This month’s party will feature the presentation, “How to Make a Twine Ga–OH HEY We Just Made a Twine Game!” by Courtney Stanton.

Do you want to make games that require little to no coding experience? Haaaaave you met my friend, Twine? Courtney Stanton will talk about how to make games in Twine by making a game in Twine (with extensive audience input) during this presentation about interactive fiction – both its history and its present explosion in popularity as a development platform.

Courtney Stanton is a project manager and game developer working in Boston. She’s worked on social and mobile game titles, and is currently the PM for the upcoming PC title, Gravity Ghost. She’s the founder of No Show Conference and Women in Games Boston (yes, this very group). She lives on the internet at superopinionated.com and on Twitter as @q0rt.

NOTE: We are meeting at a different location than we usually do! We’ll be at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, partying it up in the downstairs space, which we’ll have all to ourselves.

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