April Party — Deadly Premonition!

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This month’s party will feature Matthew Weise discussing, “Deadly Premonition, the Greatest Game Ever Made.”

Camp masterpiece? Secret art game? Or just a bad game? 2011’s Deadly Premonition, a bonkers Twin Peaks-knock-off by Japanese developer SWERY, continues to confound and delight. The release of this month’s “Director’s Cut” for PS3 promises to ignite the weirdness all over again, so what better time for a close look at the game, its influences, and why it’s still worth taking seriously? Right, Zach?

Matthew Weise is a game designer and writer with deep roots in the Boston area game community. He was Game Design Director of the GAMBIT Game Lab at MIT for several years, and for the past year worked as a Narrative Designer at Harmonix Music Systems in Cambridge. Matt has given talks at various games conferences all over the world, including industry conferences like GDC and academic conferences like DiGRA. His writing has appeared in various publications and books, and his personal game writings can be found on his blog at http://outsideyourheaven.blogspot.com/.