June Party – “Empowering The Game Designer In Everyone”

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This month’s party will feature “Empowering The Game Designer In Everyone”:

In recent years the barrier to entry for making games has been drastically lowered, thanks to various game making tools that mitigate much of the technical (code) challenge and let someone get right into making their game.

Caleb Garner has tried nearly every easy to use engine out there, and will be sharing detailed information about three game engines he’s had positive experiences with:

  • GameSalad
  • Construct 2
  • Unity3d /w Playmaker

Caleb will be giving examples of how each works, and will touch on other engines beyond this list.


Caleb Garner is an indie developer at www.part12studios.com developing games for mobile, web and desktop.  His latest project “Finger King” is being developed with GameSalad.  He is also working on a web based “condensed MMO experience.”  Caleb also is currently doing contract work as a project manager and game designer for several student apps.  One encourages kids to get more physically fit through interactive group games and the other revolves around problem solving skills in math leveraging game mechanics to increase student engagement.