October Party – Kindness Coins Postmortem: The Wonderful World of Dating Sims

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This month (our last meeting of 2013) will feature Arden Kehoe presenting, “Kindness Coins Postmortem: The Wonderful World of Dating Sims”!

Kindness Coins is a (very) short visual novel about “nice guys”, romance in games, and cute monster girls that was created for the Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Jam. This talk will be about how Kindness Coins came to exist, as well as dating sims in general! Since nothing is scarier than dating, it’s a perfect talk for Halloween!

Arden Kehoe makes visual novels and dating sims, and also plays far too many of them. She writes and watches a lot of anime and gets very excited about all of it, in addition to being a passionate social justice advocate. Her current projects include creating her first large-scale game and writing excessive amounts of fanfiction while crying.