October Party – Deck Building Game Jam

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Join us on Monday, October 6 at MIT for a special October party Sponsored by the MIT Game Lab! Andrew Davis will lead us in a deck building game jam from 6:00-9:00 at the Stata Center, room 144. And Nina may be inspired to bake fall-themed treats for the event. Please note the earlier time and different venue!

Talk & Jam

Andrew Davis will talk about deckbuilding games including Dominion, Ascension, and Star Realms. Why are these sorts of games popular? What are the differences, good and bad, between these sorts of games and trading card games like Magic and Pokemon?

After a discussion and overview, we will break up into groups and create a deck building game on the spot. Andrew will bring the game’s basic shell; everyone will contribute card ideas, art, theme, card names, and gameplay effects for each card. And then, of course, we’ll play it. We’ll wrap up with thoughts about what we liked and what we didn’t, and then the game will be released as a free PDF.


Known as “Andrea Shubert” from 2002 until last month, Andrew Davis is in public beta. The new version features a revised gender identity, more facial hair, and less interference than prior models. He tweets @andrew2s1 and can be reached at literally.andrew.davis at google’s email service. For more information about this upgrade, please see

RSVP and Tickets here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/wig-boston-october-party-tickets-13249711243