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INDIECARE: Self-care for game professionals

After getting to know people from all roles in the game industry, Tiffany realized that mental health and games professionals do have one thing in common: A high level of burnout. This, plus the stress of crunch periods or not having enough help (if you’re a one-person operation) can lead to episodes of depression or anxiety. It can also lead to crisis situations. Tiffany will be presenting self-care tips from your peers and other fields that you can put to work when you need them. She will also tackle steps toward positive thinking as well as the basics of Mental Health First Aid so that you can help out a friend when they need it.

Responding to this confidential survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TMFC2Y8) will give Tiffany some basis to start from and allow her to share your experiences (anonymously) with others.


Tiffany Claiborne is a recent transplant to Boston who is still putting down her roots. After six years of working in mental health, she quit her job working on a federal research project to pursue her lifelong interests of working in tech (or games, but we’ll see what happens). She is, according to the state of Tennessee, a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, and she also has a history as a games journalist.