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SILVER GAMERS: A Forgotten Market

In this talk, we will look at the 60 plus demographic and discuss whether they are a valid market; what is necessary to attract and keep them involved in gaming; and the types of games that are likely to appeal to them.  We will explore the practical issues that need to be addressed in games that include this demographic as part of the targeted market.


Eleanor Robinson is Chief Operating Officer of 7-128 Software, a developer of handicapped accessible games in Salem, MA. In her varied past, she was a Marine Officer, a College Professor, ran the Bureau that licensed and certified the health care facilities in New Hampshire, and was a healthcare consultant. In 2004, she, and six other people she knew from a long-running Dungeons and Dragons game, got serious about building computer games and started 7-128 Software.  She designs, creates graphic and audio content, tests, and codes. The learning curve was steep, but the project is fun.  The company started selling its games in 2007.