November Party

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Join us for our November party which will feature Amber Hampton, activist, gamer and entrepreneur!

Amber L. Hampton is person with a mission and that mission includes many intersections. Amber can write about all the accomplishments they have achieved like any schmuck around but would rather talk more about producing quality narratives and challenge groups to make more engaging games and business models that dives into various issues. An activist in action, gamer by heart and entrepreneur by method, Amber develops workshops and builds connections to create more inclusive opportunities in the Boston area. Have a need? You can usually ask Amber and they might be able to help or at least find a person who can.

WIG Boston is hosted by MeYouHealth, located at 27-43 Wormwood Street, 6th floor, Boston, MA 02210. There is a parking lot across the street from the MeYouHealth building, and the South Station MBTA stop is a 10 minute walk away. The party starts at 7:00pm and ends promptly at 9:00pm. Guests are welcome to continuing the conversation at Lucky’s Lounge, located at 355 Congress, just down the street from MeYou Health.