Attention Women Artists in Games and Animation

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Women in Games Boston is working with the Mount Ida School of Design to help them put together this art show! If interested in submitting, read on to learn more.

Attention Women Artists in Games and Animation

In October of 2016, the School of Design at the Mount Ida College in Newton, MA, will be celebrating the work of women in the game and animation industries. To that end, we will be hosting a semester long exhibition of the contributions women have made, and continue to make, to these growing fields. It is our hope that this exhibit will serve as an inspiration to our game art and animation students (male and female alike) by focusing on the value that diversity in designers of games and animation brings to these arts.

The exhibition will include panelists and guest speakers who will address the challenges of, and opportunities for, female game developers and animators, as well as a gallery filled exclusively with the work of these art professionals.

If you are a professional woman game artist or animator, please consider submitting your artwork to the Women in Games and Animation art exhibit at the Mount Ida College School of Design.

Submission details:

We accept all forms of art work including:

  • Animations
    Please submit 1080p rendering
  • 3D models
    Still renders, turntable 1080p rendering, or .fbx models (if you would like your work included in our augmented reality/virtual tour display)
  • Concept art
    300 dpi or greater
  • UI art
    300 dpi or greater
  • Effects
    1080p rendering
  • 2D work
    300 dpi or greater


People who want to submit should visit this Google Drive, and create a sub-folder for their own submission.You should also fill out the loan agreement form (found in the main folder, one per artist required) and drop that in your folder as well.


Acceptance to the gallery will be sent out on a rolling basis.

If you are unable to submit your work please consider attending the gallery in October 2016. Check back for specific dates.

Owen Leach
Program Coordinator, Game Art
Assistant Professor, Game Art
Mount Ida College
(617) 928-4639

Update from the Organizers!
– We’ve settled on the dates of October 27January 16 for the show to run.
– We’d like to have submissions in September 16.