October Party – Who Needs Halloween? Cosplay, Costuming, and Crafty Ideas

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Who Needs Halloween? Cosplay, Costuming, and Crafty Ideas

Put down your pumpkin spice latte, it’s time for another Women in Games Boston meetup! For the month of October, we want to celebrate the season with a panel of experienced cosplayers from our own community. These resourceful crafters have diverse backgrounds but all share a love of bringing their creative visions to life and sharing these creations with the gaming public. Join us as we discuss the challenges cosplayers face and the approaches they use to transform themselves into their favorite characters.

Event Details:
Monday, October 3, 7-10 PM
Location: Intrepid Pursuits, 222 3rd St. #4000 (enter through side door, NOT front door facing 3rd St, sign in with guard, take elevator to 4th floor)



Stephanie Ayer, Panelist
Stephanie has been cosplaying for about four years, but has been making RenFaire and Halloween costumes, theater props, puppets and other crafts since she can remember. She focuses less on sewing and is more interested in props like weapons and armor or adding finishing touches, enjoying the creative process of figuring out how to recreate costumes to perfection. For her adult job, she is a creative director at an education tech start up, and does graphic design and illustration on the side for fun.

Flemmings Beaubrun, Panelist
Flemmings, a longtime Women in Games BOS community member, has been attending the PAX East convention since 2010 but going in cosplay since 2014. If you have attended PAX East in the past few years you may have encountered one of his alter-egos! When not in costume, Flemmings is an Assistive Technology Specialist for the Easter Seals.

Gail Godinez aka NOTgodzilla, Panelist
Gail has been cosplaying since 2008 and making her own costumes since 2012. She made her first costume when someone told her she “lacked the experience” to make it and she wanted to prove them wrong. Since then she has taken on more complicated sewing projects to challenge herself. She loves helping other cosplayers learn since without others’ help she wouldn’t be at the sewing level she is now! As her day job she works as a financial tech developer and just recently started getting into game development as a hobby. Some of her cosplay can be viewed at https://cospix.net/notgodzilla/costumes

Carly M aka Mink the Satyr, Panelist
Carly has been cosplaying since 2012, though she has been sewing costumes since 2005. She is also a LARPer, an elementary special education teacher, and a lover of hedgehogs living in the greater Boston area. She enjoys making costumes of characters she loved growing up, and characters she see herself in: those with personality traits that match her own. Her cosplay can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/minkthesatyr

Caroline Murphy, Moderator
Caroline Murphy is a game designer, LARPer, community organizer, Director of Marketing at Intrepid and Chief Creative Officer at Incantrix Productions. She is a founder and leader of Boston FIG, leader of Boston Indies, and a member of the Board of Directors for Be Epic, Inc. In her spare time, when she’s not designing games, she is making music, urban foraging, or tackling whatever new project piques her interest.