December Party: Getting a Great Game Soundtrack

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Getting a Great Game Soundtrack: Real World Tips for Collaborating with Composers

Time: Monday, December 5, 7-10 PM

Location: Intrepid Pursuits, 222 3rd St. #4000 (enter through side door, NOT front doorfacing 3rd St, sign in with guard, take elevator to 4th floor)


Incorporating original music can be simultaneously one of the most exciting and most stressful aspects of developing a game. What practices can smooth the collaboration between producer, game designer, coders, and composer… and result in an awesome score that helps deliver the right experience while supporting the game narrative?

Join award-winning composer Clifford Anderson for a session covering the creative process, essential business practices, and workflow tips that can help make your soundtrack shine. Come away with practical knowledge to effectively plan for contracts, budgeting, timelines, and a final mix session — and ensure a fantastic collaboration.


Clifford Anderson composes music for film, games, and other media. His compositions have been recognized by ASCAP with both an ASCAP Plus Award and as a selection for the Film & TV Panel at the ASCAP Expo. For 12 years, Cliff helped to create and run the world’s premiere online music school, Berklee Online. His soundtrack work has been featured in prize-winning films in the festival circuit, VR & interactive music installations, and three successfully launched games from independent producers in the Boston area.