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[Virtual] Lightning Talks

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Boston Indies and Women in Games Boston will be co-hosting virtual lightning talks!

July 20, 7-8 PM ET

If you have a short (5 – 10 minute) presentation you’d like to give, please fill out the form linked below and we’ll get back to you with more details. If you haven’t given a talk before, lightning talks are a great way to get some practice presenting!


Some topics that we’d love to hear about:
– Cool development tools
– Novel Unity/Unreal/GameMaker/Whatever techniques you’re feeling right now
– Fun development anecdotes
– Handy work from home team building/management/production techniques
– What are you working on right now? Is it cool?

Here’s a few more concrete examples that would be fun:
– A breakdown of how you’ve been slowly improving that one puzzle in your game
– How to make a tiny game in Bitsy in 10 minutes
– A book report on a game development related book like A Theory of Fun for Game Design (or The Design of Everyday Things, or the Brutal Legend art book)
– How to make music in Bosca Ceoil with no knowledge of music theory or DAWs or what a DAW even is
– Perforce is the best source control, and here’s five reasons why
– git is the best source control, and here’s SIX reasons why
– How your game sold 10,000,000 units, all thanks to using Dropbox as source control
– A brief introduction to shader programming