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Our March Party — From Playtester to CEO

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This month’s party talk will be From Playtester to CEO: 20 year game industry veteran and CEO of 38 Studios Jen MacLean shares her perspective on making a career out of the games industry, progressing in the industry as a woman, and always doing something you love. Jen will discuss her experiences at small startups and major media companies, as well as how to thrive in the games industry.

Jen MacLean showcases her extensive experience in online content and interactive entertainment as CEO of 38 Studios. From the start of her career in 1992 at Microprose Software, through senior roles at AOL and Comcast and now at 38 Studios, Jen has managed game development, strategy, marketing and partnerships across multiple platforms. Ms. MacLean earned a BA in international relations from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA with a concentration in international business from the Columbia Business School. She was named one of the “Game Industry’s 100 Most Influential Women” by Next Generation, one of the “Top 20 Women in Games” by Gamasutra, and is a frequently-requested speaker at interactive entertainment industry events.

Tickets for our parties tend to go fast, so if you’re definitely attending, register as soon as possible. By registering, you agree to abide by our party policy.


Our February Party – A Crash Course in Media Training!

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This month brings us A Crash Course in Media Training, offered by Alexander Sliwinski. As the News Editor for Joystiq, he’s been a prolific contributor to the site for over half a decade. He’s responsible for more than 7,000 posts and is distinguished by his breaking and original news reports. Alexander has a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Hofstra University.

This month’s talk will be a rapid-fire, streamline approach to basic media training and communication. Feel free to bring all your questions on how to get coverage for your game and handle media interviews.

Tickets for our parties tend to go fast, so if you’re definitely attending, register as soon as possible.

Settle into 2012 with WIG Boston this January!

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Did you have a good holiday season? Had your fill of relatives, turkey, and Chrismas carols in every store?

Either way, it’s 2012 now, and it’s time to welcome the new year right: with another Women in Games Boston meetup! We’ll be resuming our monthly schedule on the last Tuesday of the month, which means that you should cancel whatever your plans are on January 31 and come party at the Asgard with us instead!

Our speaker this month is Heather Albano, a freelance writer of various forms of fiction. (You should check out her new book, Timepiece!) Among other roles, Heather works as a game designer for Choice of Games, which makes award-winning text-based multiple choice games for the iPhone, Android, Kindle, Palm, and web. Heather co-wrote Choice of Broadsides, a swashbuckling naval adventure in the spirit of Forester’s Hornblower or O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin books, and Choice of Romance, a court intrigue in which a young noble comes to court looking for love and catches the monarch’s eye.

Choice of Games has received quite a bit of positive press for the presentation of gender in both games (from Jezebel, from The Guardian, and from Metafilter, among others). Heather will discuss the thought processes behind these decisions, considerations and challenges with regard to their implementation, and both positive and negative feedback from players.

I’m trying a new thing with the RSVP – since the back room at the Asgard starts getting uncomfortable when more than 50 people are crowded in there, I’m capping the ticket availability at 50. That means if you want to attend, best get on the RSVP train and reserve yourself a ticket!

October meetup: Next Tuesday, 10/25

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This month’s WIG Boston will be happening once again at The Asgard, 7-10pm, on Tuesday, October 25. As usual, please please please RSVP if you are going to attend!

Matthew Weise is going to be speaking this month about the  gender politics in horror games, specifically in the slasher genre of games. Matt is the Game Design Director for the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab and his primary research interest lies in the transmedia relationship between film and games: in how they each can represent meaningful fictional universes differently.

September meeting next week!

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August’s meeting was fantastic, so we’re going to keep the good time going at The Asgard this month. The meeting will be Tuesday, September 27, from 7:00 – 10:00PM EDT.

Once again, *please* RSVP if you’re going to attend — it helps, it really helps.

Mixing it up for August – new location and RSVPing

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Hi all! I’ve gotten feedback from many members that they can’t make it out to the monthly meetups because the location isn’t close enough to the T. So I’m trying something new and booking us at The Asgard for this month’s meetup (next week, Tuesday, August 30, 7-10pm).

However, there is a catch to this — The Asgard has a minimum amount the group has to spend. So if you’re coming to this month’s meetup at the new location, please RSVP and let me know. I’d really love to keep us in a location that’s easily accessible for more of our members, but I can’t do that if I have to break out the credit card at the end of the night to cover our minimum. 😐

Once again: if you’re coming to the meeting on Tuesday, August 30, 7-10pm, please RSVP asap.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you there!

July meeting for Women in Games Boston: TOMORROW, OH SNAP!

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Hey all! We’re meeting tomorrow night, July 26, in the usual spot, Sally O’Brien’s, from 6:30 – 9:00pm. Get into it!

We’ll be having drinks and dinner, talking, hanging out, etc. I would promise not to try and convince everyone to play Deadly Premonition, like I did last time, except that it would be shockingly out of character for me to not talk about that game.

It’s a low key summertime hangout with good people, delicious food, and Irish beer. And for once, it’s not 100+ degrees! A sign from the gods of weather that they want you to join us!