Smore Magazine: Ignite Her Brilliance

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As a mother, an educator, and a STEM enthusiast, nothing gets me more excited then seeing something that can ignite a young girl’s passion in science.  Cue Smore Magazine, an upstart publication that we learned about from kickstarter.

According to Sarita Menon, the woman behind the idea, the magazine’s purpose is a noble one. “Smore is a new kind of science magazine created so that curious girls everywhere continue to stay interested in science and grow up to be confident, brilliant and successful women in science and technology. This magazine is targeted to girls ages 7-12 but appeals to all interested in science.”

I love the idea behind all of this. Studies have shown that there are very few differences between male and female students in k-12 education. Once students get to higher education, however, a disparity begins to emerge. Women begin to fall back in science, engineering, and math. And minority women even more so. We know this has nothing to do with ability, and everything to do with societal expectations and gender norms. The underepresentation continues to grow once women enter the workforce, with only 29% of the science and engineering workforce made up of women.

Find our more about Smore magazine through their kickstarter.