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WIG Boston April Party!

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One More Story Games – Game Jam with Jean Leggett

It’s time for our April Women in Games Boston meetup! This month we are excited to have Jean Leggett, game designer and entrepreneur, with us all the way from north of Toronto! Join us for a fun micro game jam with Jean and Blair Leggett from One More Story Games. They will be showing what’s possible with their narrative-based game authoring software StoryStylus. (


Jean and Blair have been teaching storytellers as young as 8 years old how to create great story-based games for the past 3 years, and have also worked with #1 NYT best-sellers to adapt popular novel series into games.

This 2 hour workshop will inspire your inner storyteller and teach you how you can use StoryStylus to transform your stories into game! If you’d like to contribute photos for art assets of the game we’re making, email with subject line “Boston Game Jam” and your person/item/location image may be part of the game!

Directions to Intrepid:

This event will be from 7 – 10 PM at 222 Third Street, Suite 4000, Cambridge in the lounge/kitchen area of Intrepid Pursuits. Entrance to Intrepid is at the side entrance of the American Twine building, closer to Second street than to Third street. After 6pm the person at the security desk will ask people to sign in, but no ID is required.

Please RVSP: