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Game Dev Community Summer Potluck

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Come one, come all! If you’re a community member of the Boston area’s many game dev-related meetups, you are invited to spend an afternoon enjoying the summer sun on the green next to the American Twine building! Our summer potluck features food and good company, so bring yourselves and your families over for some fun times. Bring games, good cheer, and a delicious dish to share with our awesome community!

When: August 28th, 2016 (The day after Boston GameLoop!)

Where: Rogers Street Park, 222 Third Street, Cambridge MA 02142 (short walk from Kendall Square T station; parking options available)

Time: 12pm – 5pm

Here’s the Eventbrite link to get more info and RSVP:

We hope to see you there!

Attention Women Artists in Games and Animation

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Women in Games Boston is working with the Mount Ida School of Design to help them put together this art show! If interested in submitting, read on to learn more.

Attention Women Artists in Games and Animation

In October of 2016, the School of Design at the Mount Ida College in Newton, MA, will be celebrating the work of women in the game and animation industries. To that end, we will be hosting a semester long exhibition of the contributions women have made, and continue to make, to these growing fields. It is our hope that this exhibit will serve as an inspiration to our game art and animation students (male and female alike) by focusing on the value that diversity in designers of games and animation brings to these arts.

The exhibition will include panelists and guest speakers who will address the challenges of, and opportunities for, female game developers and animators, as well as a gallery filled exclusively with the work of these art professionals.

If you are a professional woman game artist or animator, please consider submitting your artwork to the Women in Games and Animation art exhibit at the Mount Ida College School of Design.

Submission details:

We accept all forms of art work including:

  • Animations
    Please submit 1080p rendering
  • 3D models
    Still renders, turntable 1080p rendering, or .fbx models (if you would like your work included in our augmented reality/virtual tour display)
  • Concept art
    300 dpi or greater
  • UI art
    300 dpi or greater
  • Effects
    1080p rendering
  • 2D work
    300 dpi or greater


People who want to submit should visit this Google Drive, and create a sub-folder for their own submission.You should also fill out the loan agreement form (found in the main folder, one per artist required) and drop that in your folder as well.


Acceptance to the gallery will be sent out on a rolling basis.

If you are unable to submit your work please consider attending the gallery in October 2016. Check back for specific dates.

Owen Leach
Program Coordinator, Game Art
Assistant Professor, Game Art
Mount Ida College
(617) 928-4639

Update from the Organizers!
– We’ve settled on the dates of October 27January 16 for the show to run.
– We’d like to have submissions in September 16.

July Party

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Please join us on Monday, July 11 for our next party. Those of us who love books (everyone, amiright?) are particularly excited about this month’s speaker. Writer/producer and former English teacher Amanda Gardner will show us how to “Get Lit” into games. Rest assured, this is not your 7th grade “required reading” approach to classic literature!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the 4th of July holiday, our party is happening one week later, on the second Monday of the month. Yee-Haw, ‘Merica!

RSVP here at EventBrite!:

Directions to Intrepid:

This event will be from 7 – 10 PM at 222 Third Street, Suite 4000, Cambridge in the lounge/kitchen area of Intrepid Pursuits. Entrance to Intrepid is at the side entrance of the American Twine building, closer to Second street than to Third street. After 6pm the person at the security desk will ask people to sign in, but no ID is required.

Get Lit: How to Reference Classic Literature in Your Game without Sounding Like a Pretentious Ass

Amanda Gardner
Writer and Producer at The Deep End Games, currently working on Perception

In transitioning from an English teacher/author to a video game writer, Amanda took a part of the classroom into the studio of The Deep End Games. While working on Perception, she found herself drawing inspiration from her favorite lesson plans. By using thematic parallels from classic literature, she was able to deepen the narrative of her game, while giving book nerds a little wink and nod. We’re not talking high-falootin’ fancy talk, though. It’s possible to “get lit” and write a story that is layered, where literary folks will appreciate the references and the rest of the audience will appreciate a sophisticated and deep narrative.

A life-long gamer, Amanda has been fully-immersed in the geek lifestyle for as long as she can remember. Amanda is excited to bring to you the story of Cassie and the estate at Echo Bluff, and has enjoyed transitioning from teaching high school English and writing urban fantasy novels to writing and producing video games.

Perception is a first person narrative horror adventure from members of the Bioshock team that puts players in the shoes of a young blind woman who must use her extraordinary hearing and razor-sharp wits to solve mysteries and escape a deadly presence, all without sight.

June Party – Social Hour/Demo Night

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Join us for our June WIG Boston party! This month we’ve decided to keep things casual with a Social Hour meet-and-greet event combined with a bring-your-own-project Demo Night. Come hang out with and get to know the WIG Boston community whether you’re a regular or it’s your first meeting in attendance. Show off your work, get feedback, find collaborators, or just some new friends! Share your recent experiences from shows and conferences like PAX East, GDC, IndieCade and others. There will be no formal presentations or planned demo spaces so please come prepared to be adaptable and show off your work in a portable environment. Some snacks will be provided. BYOB!

This event will be from 7 – 10 PM at 222 Third Street, Suite 4000, Cambridge in the lounge/kitchen area of Intrepid Pursuits.


Entrance to Intrepid is at the side entrance of the American Twine building, closer to second street than to Third street. After 6pm the person at the security desk will ask people to sign in, but no ID is required.

WHEN: Monday, June 6, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT)
WHERE: Intrepid Pursuits – 222 Third Street Suite 4000, Cambridge, MA 02142


May Party – Game Design 101

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We got snowed out in April! But we are BACK! Please join us for our May party! Our featured speaker is Caroline Murphy.

Monday, May 2, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT)


Game Design 101
Caroline Murphy

The best way to make games is to dive in and just start making them! In this talk, Caroline Murphy will give an overview of some of the philosophy behind games and game creation, and walk through some practical exercises to get started designing games of your own!


Caroline Murphy is a game designer, community organizer, Director of Marketing at Intrepid and Chief Creative Officer at Incantrix Productions. She is a founder and leader of The Boston Festival of Indie Games, leader of Boston Indies, and a member of the Board of Directors for Be Epic, Inc. Caroline received her MBA From Babson in 2011 and has worked at some of the most fun and interesting tech/game startups in the Boston area. In her spare time, when she’s not designing games, she is making music, urban foraging, or tackling whatever new project piques her interest.


Intrepid Labs is at 150 First Street, Cambridge. Kendall Square is the nearest T station, about a 10 min walk away. Visitor parking is available at Intrepid Pursuits with parking entrances either at 222 Third Street or 157 Second Street. The Cambridgeside Galleria mall is close by as well, with very reasonable parking garage rates. Some metered parking around the area.

March Party

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Please join us for our March party at Bocoup! GDC – that behemoth of networking, schmoozing and deal making – is just around the corner. All the more reason to come hear WIG-Boston co-organizer Emma Clarkson discuss her unorthodox journey into the games industry. Please note, after over a year at MeYouHealth, we are in a different location this month at the new offices of Bocoup. See more below for location, public transit and parking information.

“Self-taught or mentored in the game industry? …Yes!”
Emma Clarkson, Outact, Inc.

What is the best way to learn the skills needed for a career in game development? Emma Clarkson, Producer and game designer for Marlborough-based studio Outact Inc. offers her perspective on the best ways to develop your inherent skills and foster new ones while building your professional path in games. The game industry can be a challenging one offering less stability than others, and figuring out methods to develop your skills along your journey is crucial. Starting in marketing, then moving to community management, and now working in design and production, Emma has taken a less traditional path in her game industry career in the greater Boston area. Join us as we discuss different strategies for pursuing and developing the skills needed to build a career in games.


Emma Clarkson first jammed her foot in the door of the games industry in 2010 when she joined iOS/Android developer Metaversal Studios as Marketing Manager. From there she joined Tencent Boston/Stomp Games in 2012 as Community Manager and Marketing Analyst, launching the Unity3D game Robot Rising to audiences on Facebook. Between studio roles she has done marketing and community work with Boston’s independent developer community and most recently has settled into the multi-hatted role of Producer and Lead Content Designer for (and founding member of) Outact Inc., a startup team of veteran developers working on a next-generation mobile strategy title.


Bocoup is located at 201 South Street, First Floor – a short walk from South Station T and commuter rail stop. For those driving, there are meters on South Street which often (though not always) have open spots in the evening. Otherwise, the South Station parking garage is located across the street from Bocoup at 750 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02111.

Monday, March 7, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EST)
Bocoup – 201 South Street. First Floor. Boston, MA 02111

February Party

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After a short break for the holidays, WIG Boston is back! We are pleased to announce our February party with special guests from Proletariat. Join us on Monday, February 1 at 7:00pm. The talk will begin at 7:30pm.

Real Talk: Game Industry and Personal Growth with Proletariat

Join members of Proletariat in a candid conversation about career growth and growth across the games industry. Topics will include the importance of mentorship, especially for underrepresented groups, transitioning between radically different game projects, changing themes in the industry, and finding the best job role.

This panel includes:
Kristen Mukai, Producer, Proletariat Inc.
Kristen Carter, 3D Artist, Proletariat Inc.
Jennierose Rizzo, Community Manager, Proletariat Inc.
Caprice Hong, UX/UI Designer, Proletariat Inc.

Proletariat is a Boston-based studio, known for World Zombination (App Store Editors’ Choice) and the upcoming Streamline, a multiplayer game for broadcasters and viewers.

WIG Boston is hosted by MeYouHealth, located at 27-43 Wormwood Street, 6th floor, Boston, MA 02210. There is a parking lot across the street from the MeYouHealth building, and the South Station MBTA stop is a 10 minute walk away. The party starts at 7:00pm and ends promptly at 9:00pm. Guests are welcome to continuing the conversation at Lucky’s Lounge, located at 355 Congress, just down the street from MeYou Health.

Monday, February 1, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST) Add to Calendar
MeYou Health – 27-43 Wormwood Street Boston, MA 02210 – View Map